Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aaron Sledge - Toasted Lyrics

Toasted Lyrics by Aaron Sledge

Glass is filled on, bar tender keep me..
How about a round for everybody here?
Whether makes over I’mma be.... oh,

Everybody on the dance floor, hold your glass high in the air,
And if your glass is only half fool,
There’s a full bottle over here!
All right, all night, we not gonna dance tonight
No vice, only high lights, we gonna knock it toasted!

From the front and back door, tables to the floor,
Hold your bottles in the air
We gonna get toasted, toasted, toasted,
Toasted, toasted, toasted, toasted!
.. baby getting toasted, toasted, toasted, oh!
Oh, oh, oh, uh, oh!

DJ turn the music round ... moves the ground, oh!
The night is young and so are we, yeah
I got the next round, the party is on me, yeah!
Everybody on the desk floor, hold your glass high in the air,

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