Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nexx Chapter - See Through The Rain Lyrics

See Through The Rain Lyrics by Nexx Chapter

[Hook: T]
I don't wanna fight anymore, feel like we've been here before
When did our fairy tale end? Baby when was it broken?
I don't wanna wake up the same, or sleep with this pain
Are we too lost, too damaged to see through the rain?

[Verse: Gabi]
Well I don't know and uhhh
Why try? Is the question at hand
I never thought that the turbulence would force us to land
I guess it's cause you think I only bring the darkest weather
But ask yourself, are you prepared to let go forever?
May come as a surprise, but I wrote you a letter handwritten, since lack of effort was my biggest flaw
And I also need you to take it in no interruptions, cause fightin' while
We're tryna work shit out defeats it all...
The purpose, you, my life, my last chance
Save my soul girl, save me like a last dance
I know I'm more than impossible to deal with but it's only cause trust
Issues got me trapt in a bad trance
But I need you to love me as if we were blood
Like how I know my siblings and parents would even through the worse never abandon me no matter what
I gotta believe in a love with no "if, ands, or buts"


[Verse: T]
I think of our first date...
I remember times when all my hope was lost and only you could find it
Now we stare in silence, like a perfect stranger
Aware of violence but my heart's in danger
Uh, it's only been a week... the condo's empty
Champagne bottles on the counter all she left me
Promised I would do it big
But I don't answer shit every single time I see a new girl text me...
Hard to live when my soul-mate's gone and uhhh
It's like a photo shoot with no lights on
But I'm on her profile all night long...
Should I call? Should I text? What the fuck is goin' on?
Yeah, and baby I'm just tryna build it up
The courage that is... man I can't even live it up
Scared to ask if we're really givin' up
On a crazy highway, look where love has driven us uh


[Verse: Gabi]
I can't even celebrate my birthday, our first play on the radio
Even if through our struggle that happened to be the worst case, and the world was praising me for brilliant word play
Cause I'm livin' the worst way...
Does that ever concern you?
Cause if I recall, I did everything to learn you
I earned you, you returned me
I take full responsibility which is why that won't deter me...
From waitin' to try, I know you need some time boo
If this was "Prison Break" I'd be on P.I. to find my way home, and see you smile again
No force could keep me from you, not even bureau adjustments
Naw, I've seen love die way too many times
When uhhh, when it deserved to be alive
And baby we're alive, so why aren't we together?
True love ain't sumtin you can deprive


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