Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rain - Ghetto Dreams Lyrics

Ghetto Dreams Lyrics by Rain

Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas dreams
Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas dreams

Take it to your .. all my women ..
Rolling up that ..out of the..
It’s .. if you miss ..for my number ..
Set the game ..that the sage .. to Joneses’
all black everything .. show me love when i’m answering
you know me the homie, what’s front in .. and generous
gangsta and the gentleman your box at the Wemble
and i swell my off days i’m flier than you ever been
i’m better at every day any game you never win
so love i’m ready to bunch low lies
..why you’re reaching for five let your ..take my head
And your .. is pussy .. but is p**sy on you side
California .. wanna know why .b*tches switches on the ..
we’ll be on the fly shit all white .. suit shoes in the .. time
Made it from the pavement ..time grand kid but i’m sooner ..
I let ym women chocolate vanilla omg ..stroke
Live la vida loca give it to me now i could get it in no time
Travel on my like oh my
Call yourself gangsta but you’r a f*ckin ..
listen t othese new guys i’m the best ..
get used to me ‘cause i’m in till is over
i’m still the shooter that .. this is what the .. this teaching how to ..real
is blow up, straight money everywhere who bout to blow up
Little summer time i commit this nowhere
shot don’t close till we .. man that’s enough man

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