Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kool Keith - Hollywood Street King Theme Song Lyrics

Hollywood Street King Theme Song Lyrics by Kool Keith

Yeah I moved to Hollywood .. Michele
And I became ..
when I came from Canada .. and i started the ..
That was my boyfriend
We stopped together and I wanted always do .. people
And all the rappers never liked my songs
H is a train, H is a train
H is a train, H is a train
H is a train, H is a train
H with pennies, H is a train
Do you still like me Michelle
I’m .. ain’t the real .. this girl Michele ..
who posed the Playboy she’s the secret from Thailand
.. sleep with the lady boy but ..
he posing as a man who .. coast
Hollywood surgery he moved his penis
That’s why he’s scared of me ..gave em couches
‘cause he’s ..like a bitch
That man used to be a woman he’s parody
The inquire start the magazine don’t wanna believe me
..use to f*ck .. in the but boy made the first LP
Bottom boy .. rock the boy
You need to pay me to shot up and .. out of me
so how in the cocaine ..
living with a ..Michele ..a porno .. a corner the fan
Roxanne Roxanne Jackie stay in the strip club
for grams chancing ..kings of Hollywood
I give em .. ‘cause i call em
Why ..is getting bigger
His mom gave birth to a baby girl nigga
I don’t’ know about this ..
Process ..with pennies ..cause ti don’t care
at home with ..
Don’t let me call your ..
cause the mustache under your nose ..from too much drugs
she ..for heroine while you’re gone ..
You ..fans ..you in good hands
I can’t wait to talk to your mother .. turn into a man
All you knew …
Your own daddy don’t’ even know what you ..
in the gym girls say they see you inches
I’ma pack …
You mean i got my own ..
and i’m talking because i’m different
i wear pennies because i’m different

Hollywood street came from Canada
…to my career

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