Friday, November 11, 2011

Lil Kim - Warning Freestyle Lyrics

Warning Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Kim

…yeah murder, uh, we about to kill them
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, uh, we in the building
I ain’t playing, I ain’t playin, uh I ain’t stopping
This pistol throwing shots, uh, let’s get it popping

I’m a real boys bitch, uh, gazelle…
Got the best blow in town, uh, the head …
… uh I can’t do it
Sends bitch at the awards, uh, she looks stupid
I be laughing, I be laughing, uh, I be dying
These bitches is kinda slow, uh, they …
I’ve been flirting with a million
Got a crush on a billion,
Look it at … like uh, he can get it
I get money, I get money, uh, I love the cash
Niggers rapping like baby, uh, that mean they trash
I’m just saying, I’m just saying , the game is … 5
… got on the same jeans, uh, so wrong.

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