Monday, January 16, 2012

Future - Future Back Lyrics

Future Back Lyrics by Future

I got ... stripes, and steady is a running
I should be one big meat...get so much money
...and then I wash my hands
Don't even touch if it ain't no ...
I pray to Messiah ... I want it all
Put me in the game or put behind the wall
Or ... the last...smashing on these pink toes
... for the King Kong, drinking bottles and they...
Dranking lean and it's ...
Yeah, popping willies on the bench
We throwing money on the hoes and they ain't even dancing
And it's coming back, Marilyn Manson
They yelling your future back and ...crack
Machiavelli and I'm filling up my belly
With pies, vegetarian
I'm a dog on these hoes...
I make moves Tyler Perry
... thought you could, cause I love money
February, got a lot of shit on my mind
But can't get discouraged about to get your ish...
or asking for forgiveness
I hear the streets calling, all of the ghetto children
You ... they know me,
... I'm coming for your dough
Bitch I gotta have it, I know you...take it
And I'ma murder everythang, nigga cocaine...