Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soulja Boy - Fuck Around (Buck) Lyrics

Fuck Around (Buck) Lyrics by Soulja Boy

Disrespecting me, bitch the boss man I’m having that
Riding in that Masseratti and that shit is her black
Fuck you niggers talking about that bang getting cash hoe
Hell my head man call me shoot you in the asshole
Paws no, homo
Bitch I’m with that mob shit
Fuck around, they cut your head off
Hang it by your dick
Never gave a fuck, bitch I’m filthy rich
And I’m connected with fifty bricks
Towing fifty clips to put your ass up in a ditch
Real shit, nigger
Fuck you talking about?
Please don’t get up on my shit list
Wiping out, every nigger on my hit list
Soulja boy tell them, bitch I’m flexing no fitness
Fuck what you heard
Man my nigger been told that big shit
Master plan, yes I’m talking immaculate plans
I’m talking to racks a bass
Fuck these niggers talking about he can’t understand
Understand that we taking over twenty twelve bro
Fucking niggers talking about
Give the city hell a bra
Wired through my city and I’m feeling like a leak
Now my nigger’s getting money
And we never gave a shit
And I didn’t tell you this
And I represent that shit
Man PB ill flute
Pretty Boy gang when I flew
Man you already know
It’s them west side hitters
Came in the club
Man I’m looking like a ticket
Young Dre, aka
Get that cash off them
Soulja tell them no problem goddamn that nigger offed him
Off tell, off tell my bitch had them bags on
Never gave a fuck bitch I’m about to bring them bags on
Little Dre, aka
Got to travel going crazy
Turning up my whole throat
Bitches want to be my lady
Damn, I’m retro
Goddamn these vendors
Young Jesus, and I ain’t even finished
Soulja boy tell them, I keep killing, me rapping
Niggers fifty thirteen
I’m still up in the trap nigger
Well man post it
Count it like a nigger
Young nigger getting money
Wrote about a breed
Young nigger came here
Goal on my fist
Goal on my dick
Bitch I’m that nigger
Number one contender
Came here swaging
And you see it in the middle
The old soldier tell him
Goddamn that nigger gimmick
Really Dre for rhythm
One hating million
Put that on the till fold
Put it in racked up
And they hit my phone
And I hit one word and we about to ride
Ten shots, I’m a let it slide
Got the same guns that came from Best a
And I’m still in the building
Racked up Shorty take your yellow ball is river
Never gave a fuck
Bitch I’m all about the dinero
Pesos, cashed up with the real doe
Niggers on that fuck shit
Bitch I’m feeling so damn swaged up
Standing on the TV screen
And ain’t got no bread bro
And ain’t got no mass bro
Ribbed in this fuck nigger
Soulja Boy tell them I’m a bust quicker
Fuck around their buck