Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Action Bronson - Nothing To Worry About Lyrics

Nothing To Worry About Lyrics by Action Bronson

Speaking of the president he don’t like it when we overlook
Last year he was y crock always been a crock hand the money I supposed to feel itchy
You are still a bitch if a bitch be he made the paper never made his seat lay back
In a ..champagne eat all that twenty angels made of … transcript on the back seat of ..
Yeah you lost it kid you lost it kid .. out of shorts all up in the .. bad town
With the penis in a bit of lamb shorty will take her .. and the stupid bitch you consider fine
He is one of a kind off the couch he pissed in enough he rebook it poetry aim is strong as a ..
.. from flash it and you know it bitch
Why always so negative
If you have problems
Why don’t you piss over
.. money in this talk of thing
Got nothing to worry about