Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neako - Atlantis Lyrics

Atlantis Lyrics by Neako

yeah i work to see heaven
i just walked to the hell though
you niggas in heaven
rest .. in jedo
thick bitch you with me
she down the road her nails bro
in my city they killin
just lay low if you can't bro
you could come if you willin
take you the way they knock that
seven king that..
creep niggas low packs..while that
..rock quick if you..
when you do i'm ..get
hey man grew up with..
feauture with the same niggas
my old man was a rollerstone
that's holla in my game nigga
bitch know my game nigga
hope believe you
send her back..that's what just a G's do
go hard for my audience
hang on my..got that voice super..
all go so respectable
that was then now muck homes
..to that rose go
big face switch place
sway asses on a new estate
i'm goss out but i want money like a ruff child
hold back it's a burbin but i'm not in my town
rhyme with a clime i've been nail late that's post out
my bitch hear she down the rock this long mouse
2015 we burnin niggas in..with me
yeah 2015 all them niggas steady 8 till this come and get me yeah
roll it up it's gail time met is show time
what i was told for my ghost time
rhyme with the built in a day
wizzo was my set
know my game respect
all you was is next, is your next zibber came, zibber came
oh my god is super game, when the streets get cold in a ..
we there just cause the..
these old niggas lead the game
the rest of boom and have no choice but to scream my name yeah
wont' stop to the down coffee
..got a coffin
it take a lot to be my boss bitch
.. 1 1 till i call the quits
you rollin with big brother
holla shit that they don't know
they won't ever discover
blood in blood out yeah we like the mafia
quick stay dilapia holla swag no ..
growin up still play my cards
life is hard then i beat the arts
all these nigga bound down
while i'm try to beat the gods
nerving him i'm like persius
they from here they feel nervousness
deeper game is no serving us
young no wow no..
these other niggas gotta wait to ..
until they get they turn from us
heavy yeah what's out..in a world be trust