Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prodigy - They Scared Lyrics (Ft. Havoc & Waka Flocka)

They Scared Lyrics by Prodigy Ft. Havoc & Waka Flocka

they scared, they scared, they scred,
they scared ...

no bullshit just goods spitting
just holla we burning in
up like a pub so cisling
drivlign ball my head was..
no quest nigga no business them night shipping
or night still won't give in
or right it's obvious it's..
no rapping straight roll it's not just happen it's war
plus Sean Claude now who wanna be long get ..
wait money I get money
wait it up can't get away from me
before I .. two shawn to..
five thousand dollars make a nigga..
ten thousand I'ma call it ..
twenty thousand let me get your whole..
you can tell by my side nigga..
hundred round nigga what a creep
I ain't looking for what a niggas mama sleep
tight the bitch the best on the shirt
that's the pay if that's selling work
..having roll with my longues
making dollar nigga that the mind of the ..
I ain't missin shit even .. with this money
I'ma f*ck it with this..

we thugin nigga, we thughin nigga
we thugin nigga, we thughin nigga
we thugin nigga, we thughin nigga
we thugin nigga, we thughin nigga

we over ..
if you would drop you cop for me
know my team what about that green
and now my fly but is getting that ..
anything to please
anything to be close
if you wanna be here
shot nigga you're like deep flow
they told me like some cheap clothes
in the club poppin that glee glove
mad at the money the ..dough
smack to the vip do what I think
and if you could then what you did
be us what a what a..
if you ..don't worry bout the..
'cause we up
tell me where the condo feed up
making bitches everywhere G's us

melt your skin like a baby clock
a baby you owe you
when he rapped..kick back like the..
he spit like black..
if you think you stop em
but he just took
can't back home ..the niggas stronger go longer
int he spirit of God
..a life like this
rapping the..
bow bow bow..